Product Promotions

Promotion holds utmost significance for any company as it leads to more public awareness and popularity. We design inventive; perception based Promotional Campaigns for various corporations which escort the lucrative business for them.

Promotions at fleeting look:

• Road Shows via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canters, Canopies / Kiosks Installation
• Customer's Interaction Programmes
• Brand Promotions / Mall Promotions
• In-Shop Promotions
• Society Promotions
• Human Banners / Human Mannequins
• Fliers Distributions / Newspaper Inserts
• Data Collection Activities
• Mystery Campaigns
• Live Media
• Ad Bikers
• Look Walkers
• Demo Tent
• Umbrella Promos
• Fm Radio
• TV Chennals
• Data Collection Activities
• Promotional Cabs
Product Promotions
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