Theme Parties

  • Theme parties are becoming very popular these days. If you are planning for a party and want to do something different, to please your guests, then a theme party is the best idea for you. What you have to do is, cTheme Partyome up with a unique and exciting theme idea that will make your party more happening. It is very easy to decide a theme for your party. You can pick up any color, a combination of colors, animals, different lifestyles, different religions or any era as a theme. Just make sure that you inform your guests, few days prior to the party, so that they may arrange for the required outfits. Theme parties are enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and are a great way to chill out and relax with family and friends.

    Theme party will also show your creativity, as how appropriate you can dress up according to the particular theme. Then it is even fun to see your friends and family members in new look. Remember that the main motive of your party is to have great time with your guests, so select a theme which is liked by all. If it is a family party, where kids would also be participating, then special thought is required to select a theme. In this case, you can choose some funny theme which interests the kids as well. For example, in such case, you can choose a super hero theme or angel and devil theme. In our related sections, we have covered some of the most popular theme party ideas that are very popularly used on various occasions.

    We organize special theme parties because these parties are full of entertainment and fun frolic. What ever the occasion these theme parties increase your eagerness and intensity. You can choose any colour, style, different religion and period of any time in the theme parties. These parties give fun for every one. We organize funny theme as well as ecological theme .
    Select your theme and we will organize a perfect party for you
    Theme Party
    If you begin with a theme for your birthday party, the rest of the planning will be much easier. Does your child have a favorite book, movie, or television show? Maybe they they have a fascination with firefighters or horses...Whether you want a simple or elaborate event, using the alphabetical list below is a great start to a perfect birthday party -- have fun!
    Birthday Partties Corporate Parties
      A Fun Designers
    Abby Cadabby Birthday Party - create birthday magic with Abby Cadabby!
    American Idol Party - A birthday party that is sure to be a winner!
    Animal Birthday Party-
    farm animals are a baby and toddler favorite.
    Animal Jungle Birthday - a wild party filled with fun games!
    Animal Safari Party - An exciting birthday adventure!
    Around Town - trucks, trains and fun for kids!
    Astronaut Birthday Party - Travel through space for a fun party!
      B Fun Designers
    Baby Einstein Birthday Party - celebrate with creativity and music!
    Baby's 1st Birthday - party themes, fun & planning tips for a 1st birthday
    Baby's First Birthday (Music) - Fun instruments and music
    Baby's 1st Birthday (one is fun) - celebrate the first year!
    Barbie Birthday Party - Barbie for your birthday princess.
    Barbie Fairytopia Party - An enchanted birthday party for girls!
    Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus - an enchanted birthday party for girls!
    Barbie As The Island Princess Party Supplies - Celebrate with Barbie Princess Rosella!
    Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses Birthday Party
    Barney Birthday Party Kit  
    Barnyard Birthday Party - Old MacDonald had a party!
    Batman Party - a birthday party for your Caped Crusader!
    Bead Party - pre-teen party theme with beaded jewelry and bead crafts.
    Ben 10 Birthday - Host and exciting birthday party with this Ben 10 party pattern!
    Blue's Clues Party- celebrate your birthday with Blue, Magenta and Joe!
    BMX Birthday - An X-tremely fun birthday party for extreme sports fans!
    Bob the Builder Party Kit - Get the scoop on this fun party!
    Boys 1st Birthday - A first birthday is super special with this party theme!
    Bratz Birthday Party - A glam, glitter and fashion fun party.
    Butterfly Party- Fly away with this cute butterfly party pattern and party guide.
      C Fun Designers
    Camp Rock Party - Celebrate a birthday with the new Disney movie, Camp Rock!
    Care Bears Party- Travel to Care-a-lot with the Care Bears
    Car Lovers Party - Start your Engines - For kids who love cars !
    Cars & Trucks - Preschoolers love cars, trucks and this party!
    CARS Birthday Party - A party theme for the new movie CARS!
    Cat in the Hat Party -
    An adventure-filled party with everyone's favorite cat!
    Cat Birthday Party - a Purr-fectly adorable party pattern!
    Cheerleading Birthday Party - A party your little cheerleader will jump over!
    Chicken Little Party - Shake your tale feathers with this Chicken Little party!
    Cinderella Party - A birthday girl's dream come true!
    Circus Birthday Party - with traditional carnival games!
    Clown Birthday Party - Send in the clowns with this fun-filled birthday party!
    Construction Birthday Party - a party for little builders.
    Cowboy Birthday Party- saddle up partner for a fun cowboy party!
    Cowgirl Birthday Party - time for a western hoe down!
    Curious carnival Party  
      D Fun Designers
    Daisy Smiles - Pretty pink daisies to celebrate your birthday!
    Dance Party - Great for pre-teens and teens add music and Karaoke!
    Dinosaur Birthday Party - Dig for fossils and search for lost dinosaurs!
    Dinosaur Friends - A prehistoric birthday adventure for junior paleontologists!
    Disney Princesses Party  
    Disney Enchanted Party - party with Giselle, Prince Edward and of course Pip!
    Dog Lovers Party - "Sit, Stay ...have fun at this birthday party!
    Dora the Explorer Party - Have a Dora style adventure this birthday!
    Dress-Up Party  
      E Fun Designers
    Elmo Birthday Party - "E" is for an Extra special Elmo birthday party!
    Extreme Sports Fun  
    Elvis Presley Birthday Party - A party that's solid gold!
    Enchanted Forest theme  
      F Fun Designers
    Fairy-Tale Unicorns Party - A fantasy party your little girl will love.
    Farm Animals Party - Old MacDonald had a great party.
    Farm Party E-I-E-I-O - Old Macdonald had a party, e-i-e-i-o!
    Fashion Fun - Get dressed up and have a great time.
    Finding Nemo Birthday Party - A favorite party theme for young children.
    Firefighter Birthday Party - A blazin' birthday for your little firefighter.
    Fire Truck Party - Visit a fire station or have a fun fire truck party at home!
    Football Birthday Party - A fun party for your favorite sports fan.
    Frog Friends Birthday - A party pattern that will have kids leaping for joy!
      G Fun Designers
    Gardening Party - Plant the seeds for birthday memories!
    Girl 1st Birthday Party - An adorable party pattern for your sweet baby's first!
    Girl's Dress Up Party  
      H Fun Designers
    Halloween Party for Kids - A party that's so easy, it's downright spooky!
    Hannah Montana Birthday Party - It's no secret that this is a rockin' party!
    Happy Feet Birthday Party - A party with dancing, music, snow cones & fun!
    Harry Potter Birthday Party - The magic begins...
    Hawaiian Luau Party - Celebrate with a tropical flare!
    Hello Kitty Birthday Party - Hello Kitty loves birthday parties!
    High School Musical Birthday Party - Everyone's a star with this party!
    Horse Party - Giddy-up to this party for horse lovers!
    Horton Hears a Who Birthday Party - A fun-filled Horton party kids will love!
    Hot Wheels Birthday Party - Race to this fun party!
    Hula Girl Party - Hire a hula instructor for this tropical theme
      I, J, K - Indian Idol theme party
    Incredibles Birthday Party - Celebrate with the Incredibles and friends!
    Indiana Jones party supplies- Indy returns and you can invite him to your party!
    Iron Man Birthday Party Supplies
    Justice League Party - A party with your child's favorite Super Heroes!
    Karate Birthday Party - Get a kick with this party!
    Knights in Shining Armor Party - Slay a dragon, save the princess have a party!
    Kung Fu Birthday Party -
    Jump, tumble and kick!
    Kung Fu Panda Party - Kids will flip over this fun-filled Fung Fu Panda party!
      L- Lady Bug Birthday Party
    Little Einsteins Party - A birthday party adventure with the Little Einsteins!
    Little Mermaid Birthday Party - under the sea party with Ariel and her friends
    Little Miss Spider - Celebrate your "hatch-day" with a Miss Spider party!
    Littlest Pet Shop Party - A VIP birthday party with your child's favorite pets!
    Little Tikes Party Supplies - Celebrate with favorite characters and toys!
    Lizzie McGuire Party  
    Lord of the Rings Party
    Luau Birthday Party - Party games and fun with a Hawaiian Luau theme.
    Luau – Pink Flamingo Party
    Luau - Floral Party
    Luau Jungle Paradise Party  
      M, N, O
    Madagascar Birthday Party - Kids will go wild over this party!
    Magic Party Theme  
    Martial Arts Birthday Party - For Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo kids!
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party - A Mickey birthday for pre-schoolers!
    Minnie Mouse Party Supplies - A sweet birthday party pattern for Minnie fans!
    Monsters Party - Host a unique birthday with this whimsical monster partyware!
    Movie Party - Watch a movie, or make your own with this party theme!
    My Little Pony Birthday Party - A memorable pony filled party for your birthday girl!
    NASCAR Birthday Party- Feel the track and the speed of the cars.
    Ocean Party Theme - An undersea birthday adventure awaits.
    One Year Old Birthday Parties - A special celebration for your little one!
    Olympics Party - Filled with fun and games.
    Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas  
      P, Q, R
    Party Cat - A purr-fectly adorable party pattern for your little cat lover!
    Pet Shop Party - Bring your Littlest Pet Shop friends to enjoy this birthday party!
    Pink Poodle - Ooh La, La,  a fancy French poodle birthday party!
    Pink Princess Party - A party for your birthday princess!
    Pirate Birthday Party - Pirate party games with lots of loot to take home!
    Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party - Invite Jack Sparrow to your party!
    Pizza Party - Serve up a slice of fun with this birthday party!
    Pokemon Party - A birthday with your child's favorite Pokemon friends!
    Pony Party - Gallop on over for a horse lovers birthday!
    Pooh's Birthday Celebration - Join Pooh, Tigger and friends for a party!
    Pooh's 1st Birthday Party  
    Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Deluxe Party Kit  
    Pre-Teen Party Themes - Party ideas for the pre-teen age group.
    Princess Party (royal princess) - A party for fair maidens!
    Puppy Party Theme -Cute, cuddly puppies make fun-filled "PAW-ty".
    Ratatouille Birthday Party - Cook up a Ratatouille party with Remy the rat!
    Robots Birthday Party- Join Rodney & Fender for a fun-filled Robots party.
    Rock and Roll Party - Use this pattern for a sock hop theme or Karaoke party!
    Rocket Ship Party - Calling all astronauts to this birthday party!
    Rodeo Cowboy Birthday Party - Saddle up for a fun party!
    Royal Princess Party- A party for fair maidens and knights!
      S Fun Designers
    Safari Birthday Party - An exciting birthday adventure!
    Scooby- Doo Birthday Party
    Sesame Street Friends  
    Shark Tale Party  
    Shark Birthday Party - A ferociously fun shark themed birthday party!
    Shrek Party  
    Shrek the Third Birthday Party- Celebrate in the land of Far, Far Away!
    Skateboard Birthday Party - X-treme birthday fun!
    Sleepover Birthday Party - A fun-filled slumber party guide for girls 8-12.
    Sock Hop Birthday Party Kit - Rock around the clock with this party pattern!
    Spa Party - Relax, feel glamorous and grown up with this party!
    Space Party - A space birthday party that's out of this world!
    Speed Racer Birthday Party - party car racing, part super heroes...all fun for kids!
    Spiderman Birthday Party  
    SpongeBob Squarepants Party - A party that's not all wet!
    Sports Party Theme  
    Spy Birthday Party- A Top Secret Spy party for your little secret agent!
    Star Wars Party - Jedi games, light saber training and more!
    Strawberry Shortcake Party - A "berry" special party for a special girl!
    Summer Fun Party Themes - Perfect for summer birthday ideas!
    Superman Party - Superman has returned to Earth to celebrate your birthday!
      T Fun Designers
    Tea Party Birthday- Celebrate with these girls dress-up tea party ideas!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party
    The Little Mermaid Party - Dive under the sea for this mermaid birthday!
    The Littlest Pet Shop - For party for Littlest Pest shop collectors!
    The Lord of the Rings Party- Journey to Middle Earth for a party!
    The Wiggles Birthday - Invite your friends to sing, dance, play and party!
    Thomas the Tank Engine Party  
    Tinkerbell Party - Tinkerbell games and crafts for a  magic-filled birthday!
    TMNT Birthday Party - Party with your favorite crime fighting turtles!
    Top Secret Spy Party - A birthday party for little secret agents!
    Tropical Birthday Party  
      U, V, W - Unicorn Party
    Valentine's Day Party - Share the love with this fun party!
    Western Birthday Party  
    Wiggles Birthday Party  
    Wild Horses Birthday - A special party for horse lovers!
    Winnie the Pooh - Celebrate a birthday with your child's favorite bear!
    Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday - And all time favorite baby birthday party!
    Wizard of Oz - Follow the yellow brick road to a fun-filled party!
      X, Y, Z
    X-Men Birthday Party - A party with Wolverine and the mutant gang!
    Zoo Party  
    Theme Party
    Theres nothing like a theme party to set every company / corporate party into a good mood , choose a theme and watch your employees grins throughtout the evening some of our exciting theme parties for corporate dos are...
      Fun Designers
    Freaky Friday Theme Casino Theme
    Fear factor Theme Hawaiian Theme
    Indian Theme Under water world Theme
    American Theme Tropical paradise Theme
    Chinese Theme Money Hai To Honey Hai Theme
    Speedy Theme Magical island Theme
    Masquerade Theme Bollywood Theme
    Spanish Theme Murders & Mistrys Theme
    Disco party Theme Mad Hatters Tea Theme
    The 70's Theme party    
      Kooky Party    
      Arabian Theme Party   Shipwrecked Theme
    Party in heaven Theme Gone bowling Theme
        Valentine's party Theme
      St.Patrick's Day Theme    
    Christmas spectacular Theme    
    Winter wonderland Theme    
    Diwali Party    
    Ganesh Utsav Theme Party    
    The gods must be crazy Party    
    Pure elegance party Theme    
    In the Groove Theme Party    


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